Research Topics

Consistent with the projected equipments, the research program backing up the LEAF proposal focuses on the integration of multifunctional systems on flexible substrate. Its distinctive trademark lies in i) the development multi-Ghz flexible electronics and ii) the integration of highly heterogeneous functional and structural materials. Within this framework, 5 major challenges have been identified. Two of them focus on material engineering (Challenges 1 and 2), two others hierarchically consider device, circuit and microsystems heterogeneous assembly and the associated interconnect networks (Challenges 3 and 4). A final converging goal in the context of Challenge 5 is to take advantage of the introduction of a very limited number of innovative process steps and non conventional materials to realize the heterogeneous synthesis of multifunctional systems. The following synoptic view of the scientific program organization shows how the two selected laser processing equipments introduce breakthroughs based on 1) low temperature photo-thermal patterning of interconnects and 2) photo-induced material transformation and multiphoton 3D lithography.

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