Opening Policy

The RENATECH network (National Network of Technological Facilities) was initiated in 2003 under the initiative of the Ministry of Research (MESR) to concentrate and sustain a competitive clean-room infrastructure providing support and technologies to the national research activities in the field of micro and nanotechnologies. Both partners of this proposal (IEMN and LAAS) as well as four other laboratories (FMNT, LPN, IEF, FEMTO) are core actors of RENATECH. This network was recognized as a ‘fully fledge world class facility’ by the international expert panel during the 2011 review. Obeying to simple rules, the RENATECH network is open to any technological academic or industrial project. As a direct consequence, the selected LEAF equipments as well as the associated technological and methodological developments will be direct benefit to the RENATECH network and will obey the same policy of opening. It is worth emphasizing that projected laser equipments in LEAF constitute a new consistent and complementary offer within the RENATECH network for maskless, low temperature and fast structuring of a wide range of organic/inorganic structural and functional materials. The procedure for submitting a technological project to the RENATECH network is described here.

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