The LEAF project features two levels of governance. The first level exerted by the executive committee (EXCOM) is in direct relation with the strategic orientation of the LEAF project. The second level of governance is under the authority of the steering committee (STEERCOM) in charge of the operational implementation of the project. These two committees have complementary responsibilities described hereinafter:


i)      The EXCOM fulfills a mission of strategic governance:

  1. To define scientific and technological orientations of the LEAF project
  2. To ensure the overall promotion of the project
  3. To manage the connection to RENATECH that serves as an entry point for external users
  4. To advise on future development directions to secure long term sustainability
  5. To bring external expertise and give recommendations on strategic collaborations and alliances at both national and international levels
  6. To supervise dissemination policy and exploitation of results
  7. To validate the administrative and financial management of the STEERCOM
  8. To rule in favor of new EXCOM members
  9. The EXCOM will meet once a year on ordinary basis


ii)    The STEERCOM fulfills a mission of operational governance:

  1. To implement the policy of the executive committee
  2. To validate and manage requests of exogenous projects issued from the RENATECH platform.
  3. To manage installation and operational use of equipments in both IEMN and LAAS technological facilities
  4. To negotiate maintenance contract and set-up proper maintenance procedures for best use and availability of the equipments
  5. To ensure the financial management of the project in coordination with CNRS
  6.  To promote efficient interactions with ANR for technical and financial reporting
  7. To develop scientific and technological animation (e.g. workshops, web) to favor results dissemination and account for academic and industrial needs
  8. The STEERCOM will meet twice a year on ordinary basis

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