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LEAF is a Laser procEssing plAtform for multiFunctional electronics on Flex that constitutes a so-called ‘Equipment of Excellence’ ANR-11-EQPX-0025 funded within the frame the national program Investissement d’Avenir. This project associates two major laboratories in the field of micro-nano-technologies, namely, IEMN (Institut d’Electronique de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie) and LAAS (Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systèmes).


A technology-oriented project

One essential technological prerequisite to enable the heterogeneous integration of versatile multifunctional systems is to introduce processing techniques that conciliate conflicting constraints in terms of thermal budgets, shape complexity, chemical compatibility, contamination issues, mechanical stress and, last but not least, cost effectiveness. Laser processing techniques have been identified as enabling technologies that decisively facilitates materials structuring and functionalization at reduced thermal budget and without compatibilities issues due to materials and processing chemistry. The LEAF project therefore proposes to introduce original and innovative processing techniques based on:

  • laser photo-thermal ablation of metal and dielectric layers for heterogeneous assembly and interconnect of high-performance device/circuit /microsystems on flex
  • 3D laser lithography and photo-induced material transformation for patterning and functionalizing materials for smart multifunctional microsystems.


A sound backing research program
The research program backing up the LEAF proposal focuses on the integration of multifunctional systems on flexible substrate. Its distinctive trademark lies in:

  • the development multi-Ghz flexible electronics and
  • the integration of highly heterogeneous functional and structural materials.


A well established network of collaboration
Integrated in the heart of RENATECH, the French national nanofabrication network, LEAF equipments as well as the associated technological and methodological developments will be governed by the same policy of opening to external users. LEAF benefits from a network of existing and future collaborations the industrial community (STMicroelectronics, SOITEC, OMMIC, ThalesAliena Space, Freescale, Kloé, Roquette, Formulaction, Innopsys, Continental, Hemodia, Arnano…), academic/institute partners (IS2M, CIRIMAT, IMS, CEA-LETI) and with two technological platforms (RENATECH, ELORPrintTec).


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